Subscriptions are based on monthly recurring payments. The subscription fee is automatically deducted from your card by Barion Payment Gateway through a safe connection at the beginning of each month of your subscription. We have no access to you card information. Your account comes with unlimited access to the software. If you wish to terminate your subscription, you are free to do so by clicking on the Terminate Subscription button in My Account. Please note that we only provide subscriptions for private individuals. Companies and other legal entities are excluded. However, if you still wish to us English Exam Tasks as a company, register as a private individual!

Type of subscription

Students Price / month

full access to the software 19.99 USD

private online tutoring, 1 hour/week 99.99 USD Limited offer, contact us to discuss!


You can share your subscription with the students you teach to tutor them online. Your students will see the tasks, while you will have access to the key as well. You can choose a subscription based on the number of students you wish to teach through the software.

Number of students Price / month

1-5 students   39.99 USD

6-10 students   44.99 USD

11-20 students   49.99 USD

21-30 students   59.99 USD

31-40 students   69.99 USD

41-50 students   79.99 USD

51-60 students   89.99 USD

60-70 students   99.99 USD

If you have more students, please send an e-mail for a special offer!

Ready for Action?

We designed the software in a way that allows you to handle it with ease. You will find all the explanations you need to use it confidently. The software corrects, motivates and even provides help, in case you get stuck. Start using it, and you will experience it for yourself!
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