Why do you need it?

Do you need to prove your knowledge of English in any way?

Would you like to have visible proof of your achievement?

Would you like to be proud of yourself and hang it on the wall or post it on social media?

 Although it is not an official language exam, your certificate will still count as solid evidence of your language competence!

Use it to show that you have made a significant effort to improve your skills in English!


Certificate of Excellence


A Certificate of Excellence from English Exam Tasks proves that you have completed an online English course at a given level. (A2, B1, B2, B2 Business or C1). 

There are 130 exam tasks at each level, so it takes considerable time and effort to do all of them. 

Work through all the tasks at one of the levels to be awarded a Certificate of Excellence!

If your final result is between 60% – 74%, you get Certificate Grade Bronze.

If your final result is between 75% – 89%, you get Certificate Grade Silver.

If your final result is between 90% – 100%, you get Certificate Grade Gold.

Be proud of yourself!